DoorBot does not work – no customer support

Update: now 10 days without any response from customer (non)service on how to return my doorbot.  I finally got an email from a rep asking to clarify if I wanted an exchange or a refund.  I’m not sure how my original email could be misconstrued but I clarified I wanted a refund.  That was days ago.  Nothing since.



I saw DoorBot on SharkTank and fell in love with the concept.  I ordered one when I saw presales were being taken online (

You should know that I am a technical guy.  I have a BS and MS in Computer Science and I wrote code for Android devices for a living.

When my doorbot arrived I had it installed within minutes.  I downloaded the Android app and my son and I were excited to try it out.

What a huge disappointment.  Wifi signal strength is good but I only got 1 notification in 5 attempts (1 attempt to ring the door every 15 minutes).  When I got the notification on my android phone (Google Nexus 4) and tried to answer it I got nothing.

I was very disappointed.  If you read the reviews on Google Play you will see the app has a 1.5 star rating.  It’s almost difficult to publish an app and get that POOR of a review.

I paid $190 for this brick.  So I boxed it back up and tried to contact customer support.  Calling their 800 number you will get a recording asking you to submit email to

So I emailed support and got an automated response.  2 days go by and I email again.  Then again, then again.

It’s now been 5 days of me sending email and calling the 800 # and I have yet to hear anything.




Please contact me if you also are experiencing problems from no customer service at DoorBot:



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